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AboutMe Page: Bio


Hi ! 
Thanks for being here.
I'm a passionate producer who is eager to manage team and project in the most respectful way possible for my teammates and colleagues.

What brought me into wanting to work as a Producer?

First of all, I have been working since I was fourteen years old, in various jobs. I have always worked in different positions in companies, but the one I enjoyed the most were when I was in charge of projects or people.
Being sure everyone has a good time coming to work, preventing possible problems and thinking ahead for solutions were a daily task since I worked with children every holidays.

Being able to adapt and react to every new situation were exciting and maintained my curiosity for lead positions.

Personal activities :

I also felt that way with my personal activities such as rugby or game of go.
In each one I've been a player and then a coach/teacher.

It was a good way to keep questioning myself to find the best way to make people enjoy what they were doing or struggling with. Plus it was the most perfect way to start working on a lead "aura" that would make people listen to me and care about my opinion.

Supinfogame Rubika :

Rubika offered me the perfect opportunities to validate what I wanted to do : manage projects and people.

With various projects I tried to always be in a lead position, to improve in multiple skills: such as problem solving, planning, making the scope the most doable, working on overwork habits, etc...
It also gave me great opportunity to exchange with other branch on several projects, such as traditional animator, industrial designer, etc... In these projects, I tried to understand their uniqueness and their problematic the fastest that I could. I learned how to adapt myself and my vocabulary for people not coming from my field.

And last but not least, thanks to Rubika and my teams, I've been able to push every project as far as we could. Such as Atma that we released on Steam and made 70 000 downloads with 95% of positive reviews. It was the best experience possible since we've got professional and press reviews, lot of feedback from players and did the complete process of shipping a game.

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