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Atma Page: Bio

My role : 
Producer, Game Designer

Period :
Octobre 2017 - July 2019







Description :
Atma is a video game that started as a school project and continued as an internship during summer 2018.
The core team was composed of 7 people, then for the summer we added 4 people to the group to finally be 11 on the project.
It was really interesting to manage a larger group than usual.
It was a good opportunity for me to improve my producing skills, such as scheduling tasks and managing time.
One of the most important points was to make sure everyone felt involved in the project and shared the same vision of the game.

How we worked :
We maintained a scrum method throughout the summer. It was a good way of maintaining cohesion between everyone and to keep up with the project's scope.

Release :
We released the game on steam.
Atma has over 70k downloads et 95% positive reviews.
Releasing a game had been a great opportunity to see every little detail there is when you have to go on the market, such has communication, marketing, patching your game on day one, etc...

Experience in events :
We had several opportunities to present Atma in conventions, such as Paris Games Week, Art to Play and Indiecade Europe.
These opportunities were an amazing experience to gain feedback from professionals but mostly from players.

The team :
Julia Martinez-Baiardi - DA & Concept art & Animation
Alice Fernandez - Chara Designer & Animation
Sonia En-Najibi - Environment Artist
Laurène Savary - Environment Artist

François Noel - Narrative Design
Vincent Trinel - Gameplay Programmation

Tristan Veille - Level Designer & Scripting
Robin Seignolles - World building & Scripting
Nicolas Ceriani - Fx Artist
Pierrick Querolle - Sound Design
Geoffrey Pineau - Producer & Game Design

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