My role : 
Project Manager

Period :
Octobre 2018 - January 2019

Invited by Volkswagen to show it at Volkswagen HQ at Wolfburg



Description :
It was a multidisciplinary project with graphists , industrial designers, traditional animators.

How we worked :
We tried to keep a good vision on the project since we were a multidisciplinary team. Maintaining a good communication between everyone.

We were invited by Volkswagen to present it to their Headquarters at Wolfburg Germany.

It was a great opportunity to exchange with other profile about our work , our vision for art, video game since we presented it to lead designers and research & development there.

The team :

Estelle Cozot - Graphist

Alice Fernandez - Graphist 

Axel Vendrely - Animator

Maïté Dufour - Animator

Louis Salmon - Indusrial Designer
Geoffrey Pineau - Game Designer