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My role : 

Period :
Octobre 2020 - Now


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Description :
Jivana is my graduation project for my 5th year at Rubika Supinfogame. It's a 3D Adventure/puzzle game in which you embody Aelis, the pathfinder of a community forced to leave its homeland after the sudden emergence of a devastating cataclysm.
The core team is composed by 11 people.
This project is the perfect opportunity for me to improve my producing skills such as project scheduling and time management.
One of the most important points I try to maintain during this project is the team quality of life. In this particular period (with Covid19) it's important for me to have a proper team spirit by 
​having several meetings during the week and one playtest afternoon with the all team gathered around our project.
Jivana was also the opportunity to try for the first time to have 2 languages in the game. Jivana is available in french and in english.
Since we have voice acting in the game, it was really challenging to find every actors for the game (8 actors in total), dubb every dialogues in both languages plus having subtitles.
But it was a fun challenge we wanted to achieve and it gave us a lot of experience.

How we worked :
We have maintained a scrum method throughout the year.
We had three main timings :
A first meeting early monday to speak about the week (how is doing what, what we should prioritize)
A second meeting, on wednesday afternoon, to check up if anyone was having a hard time on any particular matter.
The last meeting was friday afternoon, it was either a time for the team to playtest the last version of the game, or to prepare monday's meeting (how everyone did during this week and what we should prioritize next week).

This organisation was a good way to maintain cohesion between everyone and to keep up with the project's scope.

Release :

We released the game on steam, Jivana has over 40k downloads et 93% positive reviews.
Releasing Jivana had been a great opportunity to see players enjoying the game, leaving reviews on it, giving their feedback.
We also had to release several patchs, to improve the game's quality.
It was challenging since we had already left school, going on our first jobs/internship so we had to work on our free time and remotely.

The team :
Elisa Knopp - DA & Concept art & Character Artist
Léna Loth - Lead Art, Animator
Maximilien Fouchou Lapeyrade - Texture & Environment Artist
Alexandre Breton - Houdini & Environment Artist

Hugo Ducrocq - Foliage & Environment Artist
Houyez Louis - Gameplay Programmation, FX & Technical Artist

Florian Hervieux - System Programmation
Nassim Lougrada - Lead & Gameplay Programmer
Timothé Dauplay - Level Designer
Robin Seignolles - Lead Game Design & Creative Director
Geoffrey Pineau - Producer

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