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My role:
Game Designer & Level Designer


Novembre 2018 - January 2019

Licky Page: Bio

Licky is a mobile game made over 3 months during our third year at Rubika Supinfogame, in a team of 4 (2 Game Designers and 2 Game Artists).
Since it was our first mobile game, it was a really good experience. We encountered problems we'd never had before. Such as constant optimization, having to retake the controller several times since players would apprehend the game differently.

How we worked:
I was in charge of doing Game Design and all the Level Design of the game. So we worked as a duo with the other Game Designer who was in charge of programming the controller.
I created a pipeline and several tools using the last unity version (2018.3.1f1). Using nested prefab was a good way to create modules, adapting its difficulty, the mechanics are in these modules, etc

The team:
Leo Marambat-Patinote - Gameplay Programmer
André Rizkallah - 3D Artist
Laurène Savary - 2D & Chara Artist
Geoffrey Pineau - Game Design & Level Design

Licky Page: Text
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