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One More Gate

My role:
Associate Producer


September 2021 - Now

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One More Gate is a rogue-lite deck-builder that combines exploration and turn-based strategic combat. Head out to discover fantastic places, master the power of Wakfu to create destructive card combos, and defeat all those who would stand in your way!
The game will be released on PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch.

My role on One More Gate!
I joined the project in september 2021 while I still was an Intern on Dofus Retro Temporis.
At first I needed to learn about the project since it was already in preproduction/production for about a year.
As soon as I arrived on the project, I had to write funding application for the project. It was a huge task for me as I didn't know the project that well, and I had to write about budget projection, project's scope, etc...
Then I worked on the project's budget, and how to supervise this budget. It's something Ankama Games is not used to so I had to create my own pipeline to work on this matter, plus I had to find a way in order to communicate efficently with the finance department.
Meanwhile I was doing these background tasks, I worked on the team's and project's scheduling/workflow. The team didn't have any workflow when I arrived because they didn't really needed one. But the main purpose of me arriving on this project was to transition into a production phase. So I implemented a Scrum method with the team, improving it overtime in order to deliver the best game possible.

The Team
Adrien Bariau - Game Designer
Cedric Plaisant - Art Director, Character Artist, UI Artist
Emilie Granger - Environment Artist
Thomas Pommery - Environment Artist
Louis Houyez - Technical Artist
Simon Lemerle - Programmer
Thomas Baron - Programmer
Geoffrey Pineau - Associate Producer

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