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January 2020 - Novembre 2020

Quash ! Page: Bio

Quash is an arcade VR Game. A combination of Squash and Breakout game.
The player is in a room in which he has to destroy walls of bricks using a ball.
He controls a racket with which he can hit the ball.
There are 3 brick types : blue, green and neutral. The player has to manage the color of the ball to match the brick he wants to destroy.

My role on Quash !
I joined the project in January 2020 to fill a gap in the team.
My main mission was to make sure the game would be ready to be released before summer 2020 on steam.
Making sure it would be seen and downloaded as much as it deserved to be.
Contacting and planning events to gain feedback from players.
Testing, giving feedback and recommendations to the team to improve the project's quality

The Team
François Noel - Gameplay / Tool Programming
Timothé Piau - Gameplay / Physics Programming
Alexis Ledouble - Network Programming
Sonia En-Najibi - VFX
Pierrick Querolle - SFX / Music
Timothé Dauplay - Game Design / Level Design / Shaders
Vincent Trinel - Game Design / Level Design
Tristan Veille - UI / UX / Lead Game Design
Geoffrey Pineau - Producing / Release Management

Quash ! Page: Text
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