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My role:
Producer and Level Designer

February 2019 - June 2019



Skew'It Page: Bio

Skew'It is an arcade mobile game in which the player has to prepare the best skewer possible. But it won't be that simple as every little ingredient will spread chaos in the kitchen.
We aimed at giving a new feeling to cooking arcade games in which the player has to manage a chaotic kitchen thanks to every ingredient having a different behavior.

How we worked:
We built a team of 6 (3 Game Designers and 3 Game Artists) around each individual's skills.
So everyone of us had a really specific job to do in the production of this game.
We had a big scope that we managed to achieve thanks to a good focus on Game Design and the technical skills of the team.
Another important part for this production was to avoid overtime as much as possible. It was very important to us to be able to make a polished game with a good amount of content without having to "crunch".
It was a good challenge for me as a producer on this project.

After the production:
We presented the game at several events (Indiecade / HitsPlayTime), having a good time communicating around the game and talking about it with players and professionals.

The team:
Alexandre Breton - 3D artist (Characters) / FX artist
Vincent Letang - Environmental artist
Maxime Congy - 3D artist / UI artist
Martin Jacob - Lead Game Designer / Sub-system programmer
Léo Marambat-Patinote - Gameplay programmer
Geoffrey Pineau - Producer / Level Designer

Skew'It Page: Text
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