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My role : 
Associate Producer (intern)

Period :
July 2021 - April 2022


Temporis Retro First Day.jpg
Temporis Retro End.png
Temporis Retro Goultarminator.jpg

Description :
Dofus is a tactical MMORPG that launched the 1st septembre 2004.
Dofus Retro is the first version of this game that releaunched the 24th septembre 2019.
I've been recruited as an intern to work on a temporary server, which was a big event for this game.
The main purpose of this event was to renew the player experience. Since the server was temporary, we could experiment with it's gameplay without breaking anything from the original experience.

I joined a small team working on this event, we were 4 in total. So I had several tasks on this projet: 

  • Work with the Game Designer to create the best experience possible

  • Scope the project to be sure we could deliver it in time

  • Work on communication assets and marketing offers

  • Manage and plan how many servers should be up for players (when, how, name, etc...)

  • Prepare communication for twitch lives (presentation, content, etc...)

  • Maintain a good communication with other teams (CM, Support, QA, Loc, Data, IT, etc...)

How we worked :
We have maintained a standard production pipeline.

We had only one meeting as a team on Monday to discuss task planification.

I also planned several interdepartemental meetings to maintain a good communication for all departement.


Release :

Dofus Retro Temporis launched on the 1st March.

We had 100 000 players over the 2 months that the servers were up.

We had a phenomenal retention on this Temporis edition.

It was a sign that we did a really good job on the Game Design part of this experience.

The team :
Dylan Dallinge  - Dev Client & Artist
Aliocha Lang - Dev Server

Robin Seignolles - Game Design
Geoffrey Pineau - Associate Producer

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